Ecology report for a planning application

Whether you have identified the need for ecology support prior to submission or its requirement has been conditioned or recommended by a local authority, Oakley Ecology can provide exactly what you need.

It’s important that ecology is at least considered as part of any planning application, for example you may be converting a loft space, intending to extend a property or proposing to develop land for dwellings or other buildings. Ecology information is required because development of any kind may lead to adverse impacts to animals or plants. Planning policy, local and national, requires planning authorities to consider ecology and ultimately they will not be satisfied until information detailing preexisting conditions is submitted.

Typically, for small householder applications only, a simple paragraph indicating ‘no adverse impacts to ecology’ will be sufficient, however, in certain circumstances the local planning authority may require further information to support this statement, from a suitably qualified professional. This may be the case, for example, if a roof space is altered in any way, as this could lead to adverse impacts on nesting birds or roosting bats. 

The technical team at Oakley Ecology are all individual members of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM), with recognised professional competence. We will provide all the background ecology information to support your planning application, provide advice and support through the application process and communicate any cost and time constraints at an early stage to ensure you are aware and informed of any requirements.

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