I need a badger survey

We frequently get asked about badger surveys, generally due to badgers being present on development land or on private landowners properties. Occasionally however clients will ask us to conduct a check for badger activity prior to development, to ensure they aren’t about to cause an offence. We thought we would share a few tips about what to do if badgers have taken up residence and what issues can arise through development.

If you require ecological reporting for planning submission our preliminary ecological appraisals will include a survey for the presence and use of badgers on your land. As part of this reporting we will provide appropriate mitigation to avoid harm to badgers either as ongoing land management or through the development of land.

However, where there may be more direct impacts on badger setts, we also carry out badger monitoring surveys, these help us to determine whether a potential sett entrance is in use or not and, if required, we can also offer larger scale bait marking studies to determine the use and status of particular setts within landscapes.

Oakley Ecology has vast experience in the management, conservation and protection of badgers including development of method statements and licences for disturbance work.

The services we can offer in relation to badgers include:

  • Habitat suitability survey (normally as part of a baseline ecology survey)
  • Bait marking surveys and activity levels at badger setts
  • Mitigation and habitat management advice
  • Artificial sett design and creation
  • Method statement production
  • Mitigation licence applications