Great crested newt surveys

It’s February now and next month, as long as frost doesn’t persist, great crested newts will start coming out of hibernation and start moving to ponds and ditches to feed and breed. Time to plan great crested newt surveys…

This year Oakley Ecology want our clients to be as prepared as possible for the survey season, to avoid missing it. We frequently get asked to fulfill newt survey requirements outside of the survey season, whilst we can often find a solution, planning development projects with a clear view of seasonal constraints ultimately reduces risk.

GCN surveys can be completed from March to July, eDNA surveys, which involves sampling water for the DNA of GCN, can be completed between mid-April and the end of June. eDNA surveys are great to identify if population surveys are needed, saving you money.

Population surveys are completed between March and July, with at least half of the surveys being completed before mid-May. Four surveys are typically required to determine presence or absence of GCN with a further two surveys required to determine population estimates. This information is critical if your development is impacting ponds or land that could be used by GCN and will form part of your planning application through licencing requirements.

Our baseline surveys (preliminary ecological appraisal) will assess the suitability of any water bodies on your land and give you an indication of the requirement for further newt surveys.

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